About the Author

Just a small town girl taking a break from kissing too many toads along the way of finding The One.

2014 was a hectic year of landing my dream job, rebuilding family relationships, and going on an eight month dating hiatus. And when I finally did go on one to ring out the end of the year, what I got was a dentist who also happened to be a total meathead and liked to #fatshame. That was my breaking point and made me take a definite break from dating completely, or at least for the upcoming year. The New Year of 2015,  was all about me & getting my life together.

Now in 2016, I’m still on a crazy Paleolithic, apartment hunting, dog adopting journey of getting to know myself before I fall in love.  After becoming a serial dater, I had given up on love ’cause love’s given up on me! No, but really. I’m still on the hunt for The One but right now, I’ll just get a dog.

With that said, I’m not jaded by love but also, not ready for it. So until then, I’m writing love letters to the (un)lucky man who gets to one day put a ring on it! Because what guy doesn’t want to know what his bride was up to when she was young, dumb & most definitely not in love?! Follow me on my journey…



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