Rules of Dating | Let the Games Begin

The problem with today’s dating society is that everyone is afraid to actually admit how they feel, even to themselves. Heaven forbid you tell the person you like that you actually like them because you don’t wanna seem desperate. It is pathetic.

1. Who wants to commit?

Commitment is a scary word in today’s dating scene. Who would want to commit when you can just play the field? Girls are said to be too complicated, and guys are just defined as fuckboys. I guess girls want too much out of guys and guys don’t want to commit and vice versa. The sad part is that the normal thing these days is to be talking to multiple people at once and not even think twice about it. I mean technically you’re not “dating” so it is fair game right? Wrong. Both girls and boys don’t want to actually put in the time and commitment to actually make a relationship work, but complain when they aren’t in one.

2. Social Media

Social media has ruined the dating world. Now it is all about whether or not they liked your photo on Instagram or “favorited” your tweet. Then it becomes the guessing game, “if they like my picture does that mean they like me?” Social media has allowed everyone to think there is a subtle hint behind every move. Social media has also created a lot of trust issues. How do you know the guy or girl you’re are crazy about isn’t talking to three other people? You don’t. Social media has created this barrier that never used to be there. No one actually communicates anymore, everything is over the internet. Instead of hiding behind a phone or laptop, go ask out the girl. Actually get up and make an effort. Same for you girls.

3. The romance is gone.

I have heard multiple times how girls wish they were born in the 50’s when guys actually pinned over a girl and would take her to the diner for a milkshake or take her roller skating. These days we have “Netflix and Chill” like seriously that is how you want to woo me? It isn’t bad to want these things and I am not just putting the blame on guys. Guys want romance too, but it is said to be weak to show such desire. Guys are seen as “whipped” if they actually show that they care about their girlfriend, so instead they act like they don’t exist. Every girl (and boy) just want to be swept off their feet into the blissful world of “romance”, but instead we text each other and then turn around and act like we don’t know them in public.

4. We have no “emotions”

If anyone can play this game it is me. Everyone wants to outdo each other for not caring. If you show too much emotion then you’re seen as too needy, if you don’t show enough then why are you “wasting” your time. It is exhausting to keep up with. Since we are in this casual dating world, everyone is supposed to act nonchalant. We no longer have an actual dating scene. No one goes through the effort to actually get the girl (or boy). The new fab thing is to see who can put in the least amount of effort. We want to be adored, but don’t want to do the adoring.

5. Let the games begin.

If you don’t want to play this casual dating game, join the club. However, you don’t have a choice. Girls are said to play hard to get, and boys don’t show they care enough. For example, if a girl isn’t responding to the boy who has been pestering her all day, it is not because she isn’t interested, it is because she wants him to chase her. FALSE. Yea we all play our games, but speaking from experience if I’m not responding to your 8th snap that day it is because I DON’T WANT TO and no you should not try harder. Girls can’t not be interested and guys can’t have too much of an ego. It is no longer “cool” to not play the game unless you wanna sit at home alone, which most do anyways because relationships are all over texts. Which is a whole other topic.

The problem with this casual dating society is that no one actually wants to commit. Everyone wants to play games because they’re afraid of opening up and getting hurt. We all want the attention and affection, but don’t want the label. After all, you can’t play the game if you don’t know the “rules”.