Dear Future Husband,

Sometimes during my lunch hour, I will walk to my favorite cafe and take seat at the coffee bar, not because I’m in dire need of coffee but in conversation. Ever since I was a little girl, I was given the gift of gab. Somewhere, somehow I strike up conversations with random strangers in hopes that they become a little less random and a lot more interesting; usually skipping the small talk-because it often flees from depth and meaning. Personal questions are considered inappropriate. Likewise, any emotion besides happy or neutral is discouraged. Consequently, authenticity dies on the vine. Often I’m that brave soul who asks inappropriate questions and laughs at all the wrong times. I cling to the hope that my path will collide with someone who is unapologetically authentic. I am ever in search of someone who craves depth over breadth. More than anything, I hope that just beyond the barrier of superficial banter I will find true connection.

I have the deepest affection for any bit of an intellectual connection; the ability to just sit and talk about love, life, something, anything and everything!

As a young twenty-something year old trying to date in the city, it’s been difficult. As I’ve grown older, my “list” has changed and no longer is an aesthetically appealing exterior the most important thing. Physical attractions are common and to an extent are important, but a mental connection is rare.  I hope to meet someone who awakens my soul, a person who can ignite a fire deep within myself that I never thought existed.

For myself, there is nothing more refreshing than stimulation and opening each other’s minds, breaking down barriers of thinking, challenging each other’s barriers of believing. People who do this are more magical. They come into your life to make you more aware, more curious, and more open to possibilities. There is never a dull moment with them. And they’re capable of doing these things not with what they look like, but with who they are.

Having this ability to tap into the darkest parts of you and shed light into it. Being able to fall in love with your mind. The kind of person who falls in love with your ideas and thoughts.  The kind of person who swoons over intelligence. The kind of person who makes ME less afraid of life, love and of living.  The kind of person who genuinely cares about me and my own well-being.  People like this are rare.

And I hope to find this…

In you.


Your Future Wife


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