Dean Sevine: Wednesday ♥

It wasn’t pink. More of a salmon colored dress shirt. Still, I didn’t think he would really take my Mean Girl’s slogan seriously. It was just sarcasm. But I should have known better.

It was Wednesday, but I wasn’t wearing pink. Instead, I had opted for black and purple floral. People bustled on by almost skimming me, it was lunchtime and crowded. The food trucks were sitting curbside of our building and everyone wanted to hurry up to stuff their faces with tacos and burgers.

His back to me against the cowhide couch, I tried catching a glimpse of him but I couldn’t. It felt like the first day of school, I swear my heart was skipping beats instead of soft butterflies.


It was then he turned and stood. We said our hi’s as we made our way through the construction zone to the buffet of fast food. We decided on our healthiest option of corn tortilla tacos wrapped around chicken and beef. Food in hand, I led him to the back alleyway as he joked I was going to murder him. Instead, I surprised him with seating that overlooked the river with tall trees draping over us.

We spent the better half of our lunch talking, catching up and joking. (Well, really I did.) He was a bit shy but showered me in saying how beautiful I was. I returned the favor in saying how handsome he was.

Yes, we were being that annoying couple.

“You’re cute.”

“No, you’re cuter.”

It continued on.

He couldn’t stop smiling, his jaw hurt too much from all the laughing he did from my jokes. And I was just so happy to finally see him.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Since our first set of exchanged messages and “Meet & Greet” lunch, we’ve been inseparable. A romantic dinner on the Riverwalk with a side of ice cream for dessert, accompanied by a full moon that sat above us in a picturesque view as we laughed and talked on a bench in a park at midnight in the middle of downtown. (Sounds likes a movie scene.) He’s been a good sport about sitting in on a double date with my friends and dealing with my attitude from a sprained ankle when he took me ice skating.

I miss him when I’m away from him and hold onto him when I’m with him. He laughs every time I use the “but you don’t even remember me” card to get my way. He’s patient and kind. Funny and soothing. He doesn’t argue back even when I try to start fights, instead he tells me pretty things. He’s the opposite of me in so many ways and there’s so much more I don’t know yet but it feels like we fit so perfectly in spite of this.

He’s genuine. He’s real. And I hope he stay’s mine.

Even if he doesn’t remember me…


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