Q & A: Setting Expectations

Thank you to everyone who has read this blog, comments and sends supportive messages of encouragement. With this, I have also received questions about what I am looking for, why love letters to my future husband and so much more. I figured I will take time to answer any that you all have. Below is my first Q&A.

Q: Are you afraid that you are setting your own expectations for what your husband will be? Everybody is different and you may miss out on the love of someone who is incredible in a different way.

A: I have crystal clear expectations of my future husband. Not physically but emotionally, & intellectually. I want my FH to be compassionate, hard-working, respectful and open minded. I know how I want him to treat myself & any kids we may have. I’m not afraid that I’m setting my own expectations for my FH because my expectations aren’t low or even too high. My expectations of him are what women should want in a man. I know what I want and I’m not willing to compromise on that or settle for any less. I’m not asking for him to make six figures, i just want to know that he will work hard to provide for himself and his family. I don’t want a man who buys me materialistic things, I want a man who spends times with me, who will make me laugh & holds me tight when I’m sad, who knows the little things about me. I’m not looking for a husband based on how attractive he is. I’m looking for someone who will love me no matter what. I am setting my own expectations for what my husband will be like because I know what kind of woman and wife I will be, what I can be. I’m willing to make sacrifices and do the dirty work; I want to make sure that I have a team mate as well.

Yes, every man may be different, but all good men will have the qualities I’m looking for and if I can meet a man who does then I’m not missing out on an incredible love because I will have found it in him. I’m not missing out on anyone or anything because as long as we love each other, well then that’s all that really matters.


2 thoughts on “Q & A: Setting Expectations

  1. I believe in love and am waiting for the perfect girl to show up.. Maybe by coincidence… or maybe not (I’m still not sure how it will happen). The standard for love I set stems from my parents who gave me the best dating advice. They were, and still are, the most loving parents and people I have met. 1. My father, “dating is practice for marriage.” Treat your dates how you will treat your wife because that IS how you will treat your wife. 2. My mother, “Be careful who you date, every relationship has one of two outcomes. You will break up or fall in love and get married.” Commiting to someone means, at least in some respect, you think there is at least a slim chance it will work out. You must realize that it may not end in the later option, but neither option is a bad one. Those are my (or I guess my parents) two cents worth. Great stories! Your future husband is a lucky man and I wish you two the best, whenever that may be. Your blog gave me a little hope that there might just be more girls like you out there, so I just wanted to say thanks! Sincerely, a random guy taking a break from “tinder” and is frankly “tindered out”


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