Amaxophobia Among Other Things

Hello, love!

It’s been about six months of love letters already. Can you believe that time has gone by so fast already? Imagine when we’re married or when we have kids! Eeeek.

Although I’ve written a handful of letters already, I noticed there’s not much about me you know yet. My apologies. I’m not one who opens up easily, please be patient with me. In spite of how guarded I am, I’ve decided to tell you a few things about me so you can better understand who I am when you’re reading these later on. I’m not sure what I’ll tell you specifically, probably a combination of facts, memories, likes/dislikes and just random stuff that comes to mind. Here we go:

1. I don’t even know if you know my age right now. I started writing you letters at the ripe old age of 24. I wonder how old I’ll be when we get married.

2. My birthday is in October and my FAVORITE holiday! (Yes, my birthday is a holiday.)

3. Coral roses are my favorite flower.

4. Eldest of three children, I have a sister (middle child) and a brother (the baby and only boy – so he’s terribly spoiled.) We’re all two years apart so still relatively young.

5. Don’t laugh but when I was about four/fivish, I truly believed I was a real princess and my mom was my evil stepmother who kidnapped me. I would play outside singing songs about how my real parents who were a king and queen would rescue me from my “horrid” life. (Too many Disney movies, I blame that on my evil stepmother mom!)

6. I swallowed a live goldfish as a dare.

7. I don’t drink. Never been drunk nor have I ever finished a full alcoholic beverage. Not my thing.

8. Also, I’ve never eaten a salad. I HATE VEGGIES. With the food palate of a five year old I tend to be a picky eater and either eat basic foods like chicken tenders and mac or starve. Mostly starve though.

9. Currently, I’m “paleo.” I haven’t been doing a very good job of that though and kind of have been slacking on my diet. I do go to the gym five days a week though! So be proud future bae.

10. Bae means before anyone else and in Danish that means poop. So I just called you future poop. 

11. I have 0 kids. They scare me!

12. Business major

13. I can finish 15 books in a day; but that’s only if I have a clear schedule of 24 hrs. Otherwise, I can read about 3-5 books depending on time and long they are.

14. I have Amaxophobia.

15. My current occupation is a Legal/Marketing Assistant. It’s a great career that I love. Before this, I worked in hospitality.

16. Born in Los Angeles but grew up in small country towns in Texas.

17. Favorite movie and book is Pride & Prejudice.

18. I’ve never been in love.

19. I grew up dirt poor: I’ve lived in the ghettos, projects & even a former crack house. But my mom worked hard to instill values in us so we would grow up to have a better future for ourselves. (Thanks mom!) I’m a middle class citizen now but it took a lot of hard work to get to where I am now and I just want to keep being a better person.

20. Volunteering is important to me. Currently, I’m working on a city wide outreach project with the local food bank. And also on the committee for the rodeo.

21. Planning my friend’s bridal shower. (Fingers crossed it goes over smoothly as it’s been a little hectic.)

22. My sister is passed her due date and I will be an aunt any day now!

23. Hobbies include: fishing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, camping, reading, writing, watching movies, eating, shopping.

24. I make the BEST chocolate covered strawberries!

25. I love you.

As life changes, as will I, I’ll keep updating this. By the time you read this, there might be hundreds of things to know about me. And you can tell me all about yourself!


Your Future Wife


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