I’ll Always Love You…

Dear Future Husband,

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing letters to a man I don’t know yet or may have never met. But the truth is… I always have known who you are. You’re my Husband, the love of my life and I’ve spent my life waiting to meet you. And I’ll be so happy the day that I do.

I may not know what you look like. (Ryan Reynolds perhaps?!) But I know what’s in your heart and the kind of man you are. You’re strong, in your heart and in your mind. You can withstand even life’s toughest battles and come out a more humbled man. Even though, you’re rough around the edges, you care deeply. Your circle is small, but not your love. You’re a man of compassion and understanding, patience is indeed a virtue you have mastered. You make me laugh with your lame cheesy jokes and let me win at wrestling even though we both know you can easily toss me across the room. You’re the over protective father cleaning his rifle on the front porch to keep all the boys away from our daughter. Teaching our son to play sports and learn to do manual labor with his bare hands. You’re a man of tough love, but love nonetheless. The person who I’ll fight with but will take the time to listen to my complaints, and find ways to resolve them. A man who would do anything and everything to protect me from hurting. A man I want to marry. A man I want to be the father of my children. A man I can grow old with. A man, that I’ve always wanted. The man that I will spend forever with.

As to why I want to write to you, it’s because I want you to know that even before we met and before everything that is about to happen– that I’ve always loved you. That I always will.

Until next time…


Your Future Wife